Gum Pain: How to Help Your Child Adjust with Braces

Gum Pain: How to Help Your Child Adjust with Braces
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There are two types of adolescents when it comes to getting their teeth braced. The first wants braces, while the second doesn’t. The latter doesn’t really care that they have crooked teeth or that straighter teeth with boost their self-esteem or that their straight teeth will be easier to clean. They are only worries about how the braces will make them look and the probability of being teased for having braces. Regardless of which type of teenager you have, here are some tips to help your kid deal with his braces:

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Be patient

The efficiency of this dental treatment has a lot to do with how compliant the teen is. If a child has a tough time staying compliant with the procedure, you as the parent need to direct him. That usually means exercising a lot of patience with that individual.

Education is key

If you did not have braces as a kid, then you might not be aware how uncomfortable it can be or how tough they can be to deal with. If you are to help your teenager, then you may want to research about braces, what they do, and the proper cleaning methods. Knowing what your kid and his mouth is going through can make a big impact when you are trying to help him keep his mouth clean and follow the proper diet.

Be supportive

This tip is more in regards to the sometimes unconscious sabotage that parents will do to their kids. These actions might include keeping hard and chewy candies around the house, offering your child gum, packing lunches that include food items he shouldn’t eat, and the like.

Encourage good habits

If your teen has a tough time remembering to do his saltwater rinses, help him remember by making the rinse for him and putting it down in front of him. Small encouragements like this can go a long way in the efficacy of the treatment. If you see him starting to eat something he shouldn’t, you don’t need to slap it out of his hands, but saying something nicely is always a good idea.

Keep mealtimes braces-friendly

One of the most challenging parts about having braces is not being able to eat what your family or friends are eating. While you cannot always control what he eats when he is away from home, you can control what he eats while he’s under your roof. Preparing lunches and dinners that are soft can be a great way to keep mealtimes comfortable. This is really crucial especially after he has gotten his braces on or just had an adjustment, since the gum pain is particularly most intense at this point.

Avoid further gum pain

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Biting down on something crunchy could alleviate soreness and pressure in the jaws and teeth , but it can be very damaging for the braces. Hard foods can bend the wire, damage or even pop a bracket off. If you want to help your child avoid having to make an emergency appointment with the dentist, you may want to avoid crunchy foods as much as possible.

Give them something cold to drink or eat

The cold helps to soothe any pain and inflammation that the teen might be experiencing in his mouth and it can actually prevent further soreness and discomfort. Ice cream, chilled soups, cold yogurt, and icy cold water are all ideal options during this time. Just remember to remind him to brush his teeth thoroughly after having something sweet.

Make sure he knows he can voice his pain and discomfort

The worst thing about having braces is feeling like you have to suffer in silence. If your teen is being poked or scratched by the brackets or wire, that is something that we want to know. Make sure he knows that it is okay to tell you that his teeth, cheeks, or gums are in pain.

Discuss the expectations

When a teen gets braces on, hearing that they need to wear them for a couple of years or more is akin to telling that teenager they have to wear them for all of eternity. Help your child understand that keeping up with the rules and preventing gum pain speeds up the duration of the treatment.

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