6 Tips When Wearing False Teeth

6 Tips When Wearing False Teeth
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If you’re missing two or more teeth, you may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile. Not only can missing teeth make you feel uncomfortable, it can also cause you uneasiness and affect how you eat and speak.

Dentures - common dental procedures

Dentures are detachable false teeth that give solutions to patients with missing teeth. Dentures can be confined to the mouth with denture adhesives to help them stay in place. Dentures could be the best choice for patients whose gums and jaw are feeble or unhealthy.

Here are 6 tips to wear your dentures with confidence:

Smile with confidence

Dentures can perk up your facial appearance and self-confidence, specially if you have been missing a number of teeth over a long time. By using false teeth, it can help you converse better, get better chewing of most foods, and re-establish a natural-looking smile. After a period of correction, proper fitting dentures will be at ease, and, they will increase your self-esteem.

Clean your false teeth with a soft or ultra-soft toothbrush.

At the end of the day when you remove your dentures, you have to use a soft or ultra-soft bristled toothbrush to lightly massage your gum tissues and to get rid of any film or debris. To refresh your mouth, you may want to clean it with an alcohol-free mouthwash. A particularly designed brush should be used to clean your dentures before you place them in a container for the night. keep in mind to add a small amount of liquid (water, mouthwash or denture cleanser) to the container to keep the dentures moist.

Use the right amount of denture adhesive

Don’t think you can correct the fit of your false teeth by using more and more denture adhesive. A bit of denture adhesive may help your false teeth fit more steadily, particularly a lower denture. on the other hand, for dentures that may be older or seem for the most part ill-fitting, you should see your dentist or prosthodontist to recover the fit and comfort.

Plan regular check-ups with your Dentist

Just for the reason that you have dentures, does not mean you no longer need regular dental examinations. It is significant to still see your dentist or prosthodontist regularly, at least once a year, for an exam of your oral tissues. although you may no longer have natural teeth that can decay or be affected by periodontal (“gum”) infection, other circumstances may affect the gums, the tissues that line your oral cavity, your tongue and your upper and lower jaws. Your dentist or prosthodontist should regularly look at all these structures for oral cancer as well.

Visit a Prosthodontist for professional care of your false teeth

To guarantee the best possible result of wearing dentures, you may want to seek the care of a skilled dental specialist, such as a prosthodontist, to have your dentures made-up or replaced. Prosthodontists are dentists with an supplementary added years of training after dental school, who focus in the restoration and replacement of teeth, as well as the fabrication of dentures. If you have had difficulty with your denture fit or every day denture wear or if your dentures are more than 10 years old, the skills of a prosthodontist can help address these difficult issues.

woman wearing false teeth

Do your make-up as usual

Just for the reason that you have new false teeth, it doesn’t mean you need to alter your make-up routine – quite the opposite, in fact. If you all of a sudden drop your signature shade of lipstick, for example, friends are more expected to see something is different. This might draw notice to the smile you might still be feeling self-conscious about.

Of course, once you’re totally at ease with your new natural-looking false teeth, you may well then want to show off your brilliant new smile by drawing notice to it with bright, bold new shades.

No matter what makes you feel good about yourself will help you show off your self-confidence as well as your natural new smile.

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